The BIGGEST HVAC event you seriously don’t want to miss is:

The Future of HVAC Summit

Learn the proven strategies, trends and best practices to scale your HVAC business from industry experts!

In this event, you will:

Grab the must-have skills and tools to fuel your company’s growth, even when the economy throws a curveball (it’s not too good to be true, trust us!). And guess what? It’s all rolled up into one epic event!

Event starts in:



2-day virtual summit for HVAC companies and professionals of all levels!


October 18th-19th starting
9:00 am – 1:00pm
(Central Time) on both days


Because our speakers will equip you with proven methods in key areas like Sales, Digital Marketing, AI that will put you in a path to revamp your business in ways you wouldn’t believe.

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Unleash the Potential of the HVAC industry!

Exciting times ahead in the HVAC industry! By 2030, the U.S. market’s value is set to jump from $25.6 billion to a whopping $35.8 billion. This growth is no joke. Just consider: 13 million households rely on heat pumps for comfort, and a staggering 76 million U.S. homes count on central air-conditioning gear.

These are great news, right? Essentially yes, but it also means that competition will get exponentially tougher. Picture this – customers will soon have a buffet of choices. That’s where you come in:

Those old-school sales tactics you've been hanging onto? Yeah, they're on the way out.
Say farewell to those tedious manual processes of the past (remember Excel spreadsheets?). They're getting replaced at lightning speed by slick automation software.
And let's talk leadership. It's time for a rethink, especially with employee burnout on the rise due to the unpredictable landscape. It's adapt or risk watching your team fade away.

Time to step up and embrace the future before it’s too late.

The HVAC boom is here. Are you in it to win it?

Be part of The Future of HVAC Summit, where an elite force of industry authorities will come together exclusively for you to share battle-proven approaches that will make you stand apart from everyone that gets in your way.

Our speakers
have been featured on

Day 01 October 18

Itinerary | Central Time

9:05 AM - Trevor Gosar

“Unlocking Sales Success: How The Sales Pitch Is Turning Customer Away!”

9:45 AM - Roger Wakefield

“Speaking Your Customers Language- Process Communication Model”

10:25 AM - Alek Ivanov

“Best culture always wins”

11:05 AM - Tersh Blissett & Joshua Crouch

“Create a Consistent Client Experience by Using AI in Your Service Business”

11:45 AM - Ruth King

“Thriving Maintenance Programs – A Key to Your Financially Fit Business”

Day 02 October 19

Itinerary | Central Time

9:05 AM - Amy Singleton

“Does Your Website Pass the Grunt Test? | What Your Website Really Needs to Succeed”

9:45 AM - Patrick Lange

“Maximizing the Value of Your Business: Strategies for Succession and Selling”

10:25 AM - David Holt

“Mastering HVAC Craftsmanship: Standard, Average, or High Performance Systems'”

11:05 AM - Jessica Stacy & Joseph Alvarez

“Family in business'”

11:45 AM -Laura Sukorokoff & Sean Hamilton

“Seven Ways to Attract and Retain Field Service Technicians'”

Learn from industry experts who will craft a winning game plan for you:


Amy Singleton


Hite Digital Norman

Patrick Lange

HVAC Business Broker

Business Modification Group

Trevor Gosar


Surge Sales Consulting

Roger Wakefield


Social Media Coach

Alek Ivanov



David Holt


National Comfort Institute

Tersh Blissett

Founder Service Emperor Host Service Business Mastery Podcast

Joshua Crouch

Founder Relentless Digital Co-Host Service Business Mastery Podcast

Jessica Stacy


A&T Mechanical

Joseph Alvarez


A&T Mechanical

Ruth King



Laura Sukorokoff

Co-Founder & CEO

Take Charge Learning

Sean Hamilton

Co-Founder Take Charge Learning


What’s the cost to join the Summit?

ZERO! This event is 100% free.

How can I know if this is right for me?

Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and tools that you really need to skyrocket your company’s performance and outshine your competition.

Is this an online or in-person event?

The Future of HVAC Summit is a fully virtual experience. Even if you’re unable to attend live, worry not! Replay access will be granted a few weeks later. Be aware, however, that availability is limited, as our Zoom room can accommodate only a certain number of participants.

Will I receive support if I encounter obstacles?

Absolutely! Our team will be there to help you out with anything. Troubles logging in? We’ve got your back. Audio issues? We’ll figure it out.